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Pool Inspection Service

If you are buying or selling a home with a swimming pool, contact us to inspect the pool. We can use our years of experience repairing, and servicing pools to give you a better evaluation of the pool structure and equipment. With our evaluation we will give you a detailed report of what we find, and an approximate cost to have it repaired. We have followed several home inspectors and found many issues that they did not identify and have explained issues they did identify as non-issues. The cost of a pool inspection is $100.00. As a homebuyer our evaluation can identify problems that can cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs that a home inspector may not notice. There have been many occasions that we have saved potential buyers money and trouble by identifying major issues with swimming pools. If after our initial inspection there is reasonable concern that the pool equipment leaks, we can identify and locate the leak. As a home seller our evaluation can identify problems that you can address prior to a potential buyer becoming concerned and possibly moving on to the next home, or wanting unreasonable concessions from you for repairs. Many times we have been called out to make inspection repairs and found that the inspector simply did not know how to operate the equipment. We are not licensed or certified as swimming pool inspectors. We simply use our knowledge in our area of expertise to assist you in a more accurate evaluation of the swimming pool and equipment.

Items Checked

  • Check Pool filter pump for proper operation
  • Check cleaner for proper operation
  • Check and record filter pressure
  • Check pool timer for correct time
  • Check pump mechanical shaft seal for leaks
  • Check pump housing for leaks
  • Check Salt system for proper operation
  • Provide report with pictures and descriptions of all problems noted

Items Checked

  • Check infloor cleaning system for proper operation
  • Check extra installed pumps for proper operation
  • Inspect o-rings for cracks and lubrication
  • Inspect pool equipment area
  • Check Pool equipment plumbing for leaks and security
  • Check pump lid for cracks
  • Check pool lights for proper operation
  • Check pool surface for cracks and surface stains
  • Check pool system for proper valve adjustment

Items Checked

  • Check Chlorine
  • Check Free Chlorine
  • Check Alkalinity
  • Check PH
  • Balance Chlorine/Free Chlorine
  • Balance Alkalinity
  • Balance PH