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Frequently asked questions and answers

We’ve listed our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

  • My pool water is cloudy and I can’t clear it up. What could be causing this?

    Several things could be the cause.

    First, check to make sure that the pH is within proper range. If the pH is within range, it could be that you have a dirty filter and it needs to be cleaned. If you have a sand filter, this doesn’t necessarily mean to replace the sand, but to use a filter cleaner, such as GLB FILTER CLEANSE, that will remove both organic materials and minerals.

    Check to make sure the sanitizer in the pool is in proper range. If it is not, raise the level.

    Another cause could be the amount of calcium in the water. If too much calcium is present, it can become cloudy. Adding a sequestering agent, such as GLB SEQUA-SOL, on a weekly basis, can prevent this.

    Lastly, particles too small to be easily filtered out could be causing the cloudiness. A clarifier, such as Robarb SUPER BLUE, can be used in order to make these particles filterable.

    Should I use a water clarifier in my pool?

    Yes. A clarifier is designed as an aid to the efficient operation of the filter by coagulating most materials, which cause cloudy and hazy water, into larger particles that are removed by the filter. Because the presence of these materials increases the disinfectant demand, the use of a water clarifier decreases pool maintenance costs.

  • Why is filtration important to the quality of swimming pool water?

    Filtration is the mechanical system for removing visible matter from the water. The filter medium is designed to remove hair, dirt, minute skin flakes, metal or calcium precipitates and other visible debris that would otherwise cause the water to be hazy and cloudy.