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Free Energy Audit

Let Southeast Pool Guys give you a free energy audit for your swimming pool and swimming pool equipment. Our qualified technician will use a program designed especially for the swimming pool industry that will tell you in minutes how much it costs you to operate your swimming pool pump and other pool equipment. After we show you how much money you are losing each month, we will show how you can start saving money. The energy audit program also allows us to show you how much money you can save each month by installing energy efficient, Energy Star Certified pumps, lights, etc... Some customers can have an estimated cost savings of $1500.00 per year! That is a huge savings! In some cases the installation of these pumps and other Energy Star Certified equipment can possibly pay for itself in about a year. After that, it is money in the bank. Think of the savings you can have after 5, 10, or even 15 years.

Variable speed pool pumps - why all the fuss?

  • Hayward Variable Speed Pumps

    Hayward Eco-Star pumps are pretty slick. Fully programmable, with 8 custom settings, the control panel rotates to 4 directions, or can be wall mounted at eye level. Hayward pumps are known for reliability and performance, and extra large pump baskets! EcoStar pumps utilize the Tri-Star line housing designs, and this low profile makes an easier retrofit for some pumps, especially for standard Hayward pumps.

    FloPro Variable Speed Pumps

    Jandy FloPro Variable Speed Pumps are claiming a 90% reduction in energy costs with their market entry last summer into the eco-pool pump arena.The adjustable base makes it easy to line up to low-profile pumps such as Hayward Superpumps, or taller pumps such as Whisperflo or Challenger pumps. Try the FLoProCalculator to see what your energy savings could be.

  • Pentair Variable Speed Pumps

    The variable speed pump that started an energy-savings revolution is back, and better than ever. With energy savings of up to 90%* versus conventional pumps, a new easy-to-read rotatable keypad and advanced programming capabilities, there's even more to love about our latest IntelliFlo. ENERGY STAR® Certified, Cost savings that average up to $1,500 annually. Up to 90% energy savings compared to previous-technology pumps And Near-silent operation-as low as 45 decibels. Intelliflo 2 VST Variable Speed Pump, is an interesting idea, and is listed here because of it's reduced cost. It won't save as much money as a Variable speed pump will, but the initial price point is

  • Thoughts Regarding Pools And Energy Usage

    Well, I hope that reading has stirred some thoughts regarding swimming pools and energy usage. There are many options available for a pool owner to operate his pool with more earth-friendly principles in mind. I for one, am glad to see our industry lead the way for other industries to become more efficient and ecology minded.